Wave Contact Center

Contact Center is an add-on application integrated with the familiar ViewPoint desktop call management client. It lets any organization provide a higher level of customer service through more efficient management of calls and customers. It gives any organization the ability to handle calls in a way that makes customers feel like VIPs, not like just the next person in line.

Some of the key features include:

  • Point and click queue & routing configuration, no programming required – handle prospects for one product one way; repeat customers another way.
  • Use skills-based routing to put the right customers on the phone with those members of your staff best able to help them.
  • When the lines get busy, designate additional staffers as “overflow agents.”
  • Help VIP get the service they need more quickly through priority call routing, and when they need to hang up and call you back, last agent routing gets them off of hold and in touch with whoever they spoke with last.
  • Managers and supervisors have complete control over how calls are being handled, with full Coach / Monitor / Join capabilities

    Over 30 Comprehensive Contact Center Reports

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Wave is IP at its core. When configured as a pure IP solution, Wave’s integrated SIP server and native gateway resources provide a complete, standards-based IP telephony infrastructure for next-generation SIP applications and network services. Wave supports Vertical SIP IP endpoints, SIP-based PBX and applications networking, SIP trunks and IP-based remote administration.