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In addition to the "Included" applications, add-on applications are also pre-loaded on the Wave system. Vertical will let you try any of them for 30 days.

Adding these capabilities to systems using other vendor requires integration with different systems, new training, a different interface for users, and ultimately, a costly and potentially cumbersome situation.
Optional add-on applications are pre-installed and ready-to-run. They can be licensed and dynamically launched at any time. The free 30-day trial license lets you try each application before you buy. If you’d like to use it , just give us a call and we’ll send you a permanent license key to turn it on and make it available to your users.
  • Wave Contact Center™ Optimized for any business unit that interacts with customers such as technical support, inside sales, and customer service. Wave Contact center agents can be located wherever there is an Internet connection — at headquarters, in a branch office, or at home. Agents use the same ViewPoint application with which they are already familiar. Administrators maximize customer satisfaction and agent performance with enterprise-level contact routing and queuing. Advanced monitoring and reporting on virtually any aspect of contact center operations are included.
  • Wave Call Reporter provides 30+ standard reports for System, User and Contact Center management.
  • Call Classifier is an easy to use advanced call routing tool, letting information collected from the caller provide specific information which can be retrieve from a ODBC database and present real-time to an agent or manager.
  • Wave LiveImage Backup - uses full system snapshots and incremental snapshots to provide high availability in the event of a disaster. Images can be restored in as little as 20 minutes for full system functionality and can be stored locally, or off-site for security.
  • Wave Fax Manager™An integrated fax server supports inbound and fax-on-demand applications.
  • Wave Voice Server™This fully-integrated voice application server enables you to develop and deploy customer-friendly business-enhancing, self-service applications. As business needs evolve, use Wave Voice Server to create your own library of value-added speech-enabled applications.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lets you customize your caller experience.  
  • Campaign Tracker lets you find the ROI on your marketing and advertising so you can optimize funds.
  • SIP Trunking provides pure SIP configurations end-to-end. Reducing overall costs and infrastructure headaches.
  • WaveNet is the networking of dial plans and configuration of user data, features, voicemail and status across dozens or hundreds of sites.


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Vertical Wave lets you add applications, add users and add capabilities without swapping out equipment, buying new hardware or integrating disparate systems.