Vertical WaveNet

WaveNet is a powerful management framework available through Wave Global Administrator. It gives your administrator real-time access to information about users, dialing, and presence, or status from multiple Wave systems, or nodes, on a Wave network.


  • Supports configuration and interaction of “Gateway Users” between multiple Wave nodes.
  • User Data – add/update based on subscriptions
  • Personal Status & Greeting
  • VoiceMail
  • Distributed Availability (Presence)
  • Networked dial plan (WaveNet replaces private networking)
  • Distribution of voicemail messages across network
  • Support DSS/BLF of “Gateway User” on Away nodes
  • Architecture supports hundreds of sites and thousands of users.
WaveNET Brochure

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Wave is IP at its core. When configured as a pure IP solution, Wave’s integrated SIP server and native gateway resources provide a complete, standards-based IP telephony infrastructure for next-generation SIP applications and network services. Wave supports Vertical SIP IP endpoints, SIP-based PBX and applications networking, SIP trunks and IP- based remote administration.