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You may already have a service provider or maybe you want to change to modern SIP trunks.

There are many reasons to look into SIP trunks, but most folks like the overall lower costs. SIP trunks are about 20-40% less than traditional TDM or POTS lines. You can use your current Internet connection, or order a separate connection to improve call quality or if you have lots of calls.

Look at the three options below and decide which will work best for you.


Traditional Phone Lines   Use Your Internet Connection   New Internet T1
These are provided by the phone company or CLECs as Analog or T1 PRI lines. Both are highly reliable and cost about $40-$50 per line per month. Usually, long distance is extra and the local calling area is small (about 25 miles).  

If you have a robust and fast Internet connection, consider saving some money by using your current internet. Typically, Cable provides providing 15/5Mb service or faster will work for 8 to 15 calls.

The advantage is that lines are $5-$29 per line per month and usually includes nationwide calling for little or no cost!

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  With very high reliability numbers and toll-quality audio, Voice Priority Internet just might be your best option. Powerful cost saving packages include voice & data traffic, can handle up to 16 simultaneous calls, free local and long distance.

Unlike DSL & Cable, T1 service is available anywhere!
Providers: CBeyond, Cox, Verizon, Paetec, Level3, Quest   Providers: CBeyond, Cox, Voxitas, Broadvoice, BroadVox, Intermedia, AT&T   Providers: CBeyond, Cox, Voxitas, Level 3, WindStream

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Wave is IP at its core. When configured as a pure IP solution, Wave’s integrated SIP server and native gateway resources provide a complete, standards-based IP telephony infrastructure for next-generation SIP applications and network services. Wave supports Vertical SIP IP endpoints, SIP-based PBX and applications networking, SIP trunks and IP- based remote administration.